X-Men: Days Of Future Past Won’t Have Mutants In Leather Suits

X-Men Days Of Future Past Won't Have Mutants In Leather Suits

As cool as comic book superheroes look on the page, some costumes simply can’t be fully transitioned in a live-action movie. Take, for example, Hawkeye, who was played by Jeremy Renner in both Thor and The Avengers.

The hero is typically drawn with a garish amount of loud purple with an eye mask that sticks about four inches off the sides of his face.

So when they were making a costume for Renner they toned things down a bit, giving his new armor a utilitarian look, no mask, and bits of dark purple to appease fans.

Perhaps the best example of on-screen costumes not matching their comic counterparts is Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie.

Pretty much every member of the superhero team – save Professor X – had a costume that wouldn’t fit for the adaptation.

The result was having the team abandon individual uniforms and instead fight in leather suits. But such will not be the case in Singer’s next contribution to the franchise.