Will The Next Transformers Movie Be Set In China?

Will The Next Transformers Movie Be Set In China

China remains a troublesome market for Hollywood.

The country has the largest population on Earth – 1.2 billion people a.k.a. 1/5 of the world’s population – and that means a lot of potential box office money for blockbuster movies, but the Chinese government is notoriously restrictive when it comes to the material they let be shown in the nation’s theaters.

As a result, the studios have to find ways to appease to China, allowing their movies to get wider releases and more box office receipts.

The companies behind the upcoming Red Dawn notably did it by replacing the enemy in the film, which was originally China, with North Korea, and now Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures are looking for their own way to get better access into the Eastern market.

According to Vulture, Paramount is working to try and have Transformers 4 not only shoot in mainland China, but also be set there. The idea is that associating the movie so closely with the country will allow the final product to get a wide release in the country.

Explained the site’s source, “By getting Chinese culture into it, there’s a better chance of getting it into China and less chance of getting frozen out.” As explained in the sites report, China is such a valuable commodity because unlike America – which has seen theater attendance dropping for years.

China’s box office numbers are only growing, statistics saying that it grew “5 percent last year to $2 billion.”

The still untitled Transformers 4 is set to be released on June 27, 2014