Wii U sells 308,000 units at Japanese launch – Report

Wii U sells 308,000 units at Japanese launch - Report

The Wii U sold 308,570 units during its launch weekend in Japan, according to data from Famitsu and Enterbrain obtained by GamesIndustry International.

Nintendo’s first high-definition system launched in Japan on December 8.

Concerning software, the best-selling title in Japan during the period was New Super Mario Bros. U, which sold 170,563 units and was attached to every hardware sale at a rate of 55 percent. In the United States, New Super Mario Bros. U has seen an attach rate of 60 percent, according to NPD data.

Following up New Super Mario Bros. U was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which sold 110,159 copies in Japan during the weekend at an attach rate of 36 percent.

According to Famitsu’s numbers, the Wii U launch in Japan is the seventh biggest in hardware history for the region. By comparison, the original Wii sold slightly better during its opening weekend, moving 371,936 units with Wii Sports the best-selling game.

No official Japanese sales tally has been provided by Nintendo for the Wii U yet.

A list of the biggest first-weekend Japanese hardware launches, according to Famitsu data, is below.

1. PS2: 630,552
2. GBA: 611,504
3. NDS: 441,485
4. Wii: 371,936
5. 3DS: 371,326
6. PSV: 321,407
7. Wii U: 308,570