What are the most common items left in hotel rooms?

What Are the Most Common Items Left in Hotel Rooms

Choice Hotels Europe recently conducted a survey of hotel owners and receptionists about what kind of things travelers leave behind.

And not surprisingly, chargers for cell phones and other electronics are the most common items left behind by guests.  68% of hotel employees say they’ve found chargers left behind in guest rooms.

A distant second place was clothes and shoes, with 21% having found them left behind.

But then it gets interesting:  18% of hotel managers say they’ve found a SEXY TOY left in a hotel room.  Awkward!

15% have found dentures, 8% have found books and magazines, and 7% have found eyeglasses.

Some of the most unusual finds, besides the sex toys of course, were pet dogs, wedding dresses, a leg of lamb and a frying pan.

Have you ever left something, embarrassing or otherwise, in a hotel room?