The brand new GoPro Hero 3

GoPro Hero 3

Want the very best action camera yet? You’re considering it. The brand new GoPro Hero 3 ($200-$400) continues the legendary line with three new models.

As the base White Edition — 5MP still capture with 3 fps burst, 30fps 1080p video — and mid-range Silver — 11MP stills with 10 fps burst — are nice, the truly exciting one may be the Black Edition.

While it’s maybe not actually black, it can provide capability to record 4K footage — albeit at a paltry 15 fps — 60 fps 1080p recording, 120 fps at 720p quality, 12MP stills with 30 fps burst, and pro-level low-light performance.

Additionally, all three models feature a waterproof housing and provide integral Wi-Fi and compatibility with the GoPro App — but only the Black Edition carries a dedicated Wi-Fi remote.