Simon Cowell latest victim of Hollywood crime hoax

Simon Cowell latest victim of Hollywood crime hoax

Television talent show guru Simon Cowell may be the latest victim of a bad string of alleged “swatting” hoaxes in La, where police are called to celebrities’ domiciles by false reports of crimes.

Officers rushed to his home carrying out a telephone report of “unknown trouble, ” said Lincoln Hoshino of the Beverly Hills Police Department, adding that whenever they got there, Cowell was present but reported no disturbance.

“The caller reported that somebody within the home have been tangled up with duct tape and needed assistance, ” that he said.

Other victims of the “swatting” wave — where hoax callers report crimes happening at stars’ domiciles, triggering the dispatch of officers including SWAT teams — have included Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

The authorities spokesman added that Sunday’s incident was rather amateurish.
“The call was so ridiculously done it had no credibility with the dispatcher… The dispatcher instantly suspected it had been a fake, ” that he said, even though officers were delivered to check the report in the case.