The New BlackBerry Looks Great!

RIM's New BlackBerry Looks Great, But The Odds Are Against It

The hardware looks really nice and the modern BlackBerry 10 operating-system appears to have finally trapped with the iPhone’s iOS software and Android.

In other words, it looks like the modern BB10 phone can go toe-to-toe with the very best Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, and other big guys need to provide you with.

Too harmful to RIM that it’s likely still excellent its new phone only includes a modest chance at becoming successful.

Still, plenty of BlackBerry fans available will say that’s flat-out wrong. They’ll say folks are dying for another solution to Android, iOS, and sometimes even Windows Phone.

They’ll say BlackBerry 10 will be a huge hit since it carries a number of nifty features that you can’t get on other phones.

They’ll say enterprise users will flock back again to BlackBerry with the launch of BB10, although big organizations like Yahoo are ditching BlackBerry and letting employees choose their own device.