Plane awkward: Bust a move, in your seat?!

Plane awkward Bust a move, in your seat

FLYING is already a test of patience at the best of times, but imagine finally drifting off to sleep in your cramped airline seat only to awaken with a jolt as the passenger next to you manoeuvres herself into strange positions.

Now she’s upside-down in her with her feet near your nose – that’s awkward!

This may soon become the reality of air travel, with more airlines gearing up to roll out in-flight yoga sessions via the entertainment units by 2013.

Currently only a handful of airlines, such as Qatar Airways, offer yoga in the skies, but major airlines such as Thai Airways, Hong Kong Airlines and Caribbean Airlines are now jumping on board the idea.

Jamie Newland from Yocalm Media, a company providing its well-being channel to airlines, said the sessions offer a great way for passengers to unwind and also to reduce the adverse effects of flying such as DVT risks.

Mr Newland said while it may take some getting used to, the yoga sessions will ultimately make flying a more sociable experience.

“We understand that people get very self conscious especially in small confined places,” he said.

“Our yoga session will attract attention from the person next to you, but that will encourage others to join in.

“Eventually we will have a complete aircraft [of people] doing seated yoga at the same time. Imagine that.”

He said the company is in talks with other airlines including Air Transat, British Airways, Etihad and Air New Zealand to offer the yoga program.