PhoneScope 3D: High-Res 3D Scanner in Their Pocket

PhoneScope 3D Gives iPhone Users A High-Res 3D Scanner in Their Pocket

The PhoneScope 3D from Spatial Vision and Design offers high-resolution magnified 3D scanning that may have applications for users which range from forensics specialists to CGI animators.

But its developers mostly just want visitors to benefit from the iPhone add-ons. After years in development, PhoneScope 3D is becoming raising funds on Kickstarter.

The PhoneScope 3D differentiates it self from other iPhone 3D scanning apps and attachments with a macro lens that magnifies the iPhone’s camera view by as much as five times.

A light lens attachment clips onto the lens and uses ultra-bright Leds diffused through glass made by Spatial Vision and Design to distribute light evenly and reduce coning.

The lens clip, made to have the best profile and fit over an iPhone bumper, consists of plasma-polished metal, while the light lens attachment is made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.

The light lens is placed directly within the thing being scanned, meaning while you will find size limitations, the niche may be rendered in more detail.

The PhoneScope 3D is meant to be properly used with particularly designed desktop computer software and scans may be converted into 3D prints.