Packer ‘spent $50,000 honing new buff body’

THE TAB is still running on James Packer’s quest for the body beautiful – 12 months after undergoing gastric banding surgery the casino magnate is said to have spent close to $50,000 perfecting and honing his newly buff body.

This week, as the billionaire paraded his 40kg lighter frame in swimming togs on the deck of his $20 million luxury yacht Sea Horse P in Sydney Harbour, we ran a ruler over his “phys’cal” year to date.

Packer is rumoured to have spent $25,000 on gastric banding surgery at a top notch LA clinic. Add to that $15,000 for elite personal training sessions this year, $8000 on nutritional supplements and specialised dietary requirements and some new runners and the balance sheet quickly adds up.

Sightings of Packer’s newly defined six-pack this week prompted some talk that he may have also forked out $8000 for abdominal etching – a cosmetic procedure which sees stomach fat contoured to create the appearance of a tighter, defined, stomach. Celebrity pap Darryn Lyons is believed to have had similar work done.