Matt Damon Is A Sci-Fi Badass In New Elysium Image

Matt Damon Is A Sci-Fi Badass In New Elysium Image

Written and directed by Blomkamp, Elysium is set in a future where society has been split in two, the wealthiest of the wealthy all moving to a beautiful space station while the middle and lower classes are left to live on the dying Earth.

Damon plays a man named Max who takes on a mission that could very well bridge the gap and bring equality back to the world.

Jodie Foster will play the film’s villain, Secretary Rhodes, and the supporting cast includes William Fichtner, Alice Braga, Sharto Copley and Diego Luna.

The movie will be in theaters August 9, 2013 and for more info be sure to go to our Blend Film Database.

Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium is one of those films that it feels like we’ve been waiting for forever.

The South African filmmaker’s follow-up to his phenomenal 2009 hit District 9, the project has been in development since summer 2010 and geared up pre-production in January 2011, but we are still waiting for the movie to actually come out.

We still have a very long wait ahead of us, with Columbia Pictures not set to release the sci-fi thriller until August of next year, at least today we get to see a bit more.

While we actually already have a good look at Matt Damon’s character in the movie, an image of him arriving a while back.

Today Sony has sent out a brand spanking new one that not only gives us a new angle on the actor, but also lets us know that some of our modern brands will still be around in the very distant dystopian future.