Plane crazy: The most bizarre inflight contraption ever?

Woman with Cellphone at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan

TIRED of drifting off only to wake up to find your head has slumped onto a fellow passenger’s shoulder amid a pool of drool?

Well this device could be for you – if you don’t mind looking ridiculous, that is!

The UpRight Sleeper has – according to its website – won awards in the US for its “revolutionary” design, which allows the user to adjust it to sleep while sitting up.

The device is kept in place by a backstrap fitted between the user’s back and the seat.

The contraption sells for about $40, and can also come with a cover and convenient tote bag.

Its website also declares that it is suitable for people with “smaller sized face and neck”, as it is adjustable.

However, if the dog eats some of it, seek medical advice.