Mac Users Rejoice: The Thunderbolt Docking Station

Mac Users Rejoice An Actual Shipping Thunderbolt Docking Station Goes On Sale Tomorrow

After having a long delay, there will finally be considered a Thunderbolt expansion dock ready for actual purchase tomorrow, based on MacRumors.

The Matrox DS1, first unmasked back June and updated in September, would have been a real shipping device beginning tomorrow, with a $249 price.

Big name accessory maker Belkin still also offers a Thunderbolt expansion dock in the works, the one that provides a 2nd Thunderbolt port for daisy chaining, a FireWire 800 port and three USB 3. 0 ports besides the other items the DS1 brings to the dining table (though it lacks dedicated display options).

Which was originally supposed to launch in Summer 2012 for $299, but it has since been pushed back to Q1 2013.