The 5th Generation iPod Touch


The iPod iTouch is still easily the best media player on the market, now an infinitely more capable mobile gaming device thanks to the introduction of the dual-core A5 chip that powers it.

With the brand new, super thin design, it’s actually probably the most portable iPod iTouch, despite the screen size increase.

Buy the iPod iTouch for kids, or anybody who wants a separate media and player that’s more portable than the similarly priced iPad mini.

Also advantageous to users who’re on Android or BlackBerry because of their primary phone, but want to test the waters of Apple’s iOS ecosystem.

Apple knows full well that the audience for dedicated media players is dwindling, but this ipod itouch was tailor-made for the niche audiences to whom it still appeals.

As the design is so impressive, I actually find myself wishing it was the newest iPhone every once in awhile.

It isn’t without its drawbacks: the ultra-thin case meant Apple had to omit the ambient light sensor that adjusts screen brightness automatically, which is a shame because Apple devices are on the list of few that fully grasp this feature right.

But honestly, if you’re buying a media player, and you also want a huge amount of great apps, there’s really no contest here.