Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Compact Camera

Gift Guide Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Compact Camera

The Sony RX100 is really a compact camera that proves nutrients can be found in small packages. The bokeh (background blur) is possible to achieve with this camera is astounding, given its size.

It’s also a really capable low-light shooter in comparison to the others in this category, possesses AF capabilities which is often actually so fast they’ll simply take some via mirrorless interchangeable lens systems, like the Canon EOS M.

But the Sony RX100 for the photo enthusiast in your circle who stopped taking photos given that they got sick and tired of lugging around heavy equipment.

That applies to DSLR shooters, in addition to compact system camera users who have been just sick and tired of checking different lenses, or who felt nearly, although not quite unburdened by things like the Olympus PEN series that still aren’t quite pocketable.

Because the problem with the eternal struggle between image quality and portability in cameras is that you always find yourself making more compromises than you’re probably more comfortable with.

The RX100 differs, in that it’s a tight camera having an attached lens that’ll leave you thinking “This is good, ” rather than “This is sufficient. ” See the gallery of unedited photos straight from the camera below for only a little sample of what the RX100 is effective at.