Freshman college survival guide–from the seniors

Freshman college survival guide–from the seniors

College may seem like steps away from the real world, but it’s also miles away from what high school was like.

In college, the stakes are higher and the challenges tougher.

Simply put, you’re bound to learn to stand on your own two feet, every step of the way.

For the rest of us, the college bumpy rides and endless adventures are almost over.

The mistakes we have made, the advice we’ve been given and the lessons we have learned along our journeys may serve as “survival guidelines” to freshmen.

Here are some wise words from the seniors to the freshmen—from the typical “surviving-your-class” tips to the timeless “making-it-through-college” pieces of advice.

“I think that the students should set their priorities, write their schedule, choose friends who will influence them to study more and always learn from their mistakes, because that’s what will make them stronger for the next four to five years and in their chosen careers.” —Khazie Raza, 18, Miriam College

“To all the freshmen, say goodbye to your happy-go-lucky days. You’ll have a taste of what real life is all about and it won’t end there because there’s still work to do, quite a long way to go but worth to give the best shot.

Start your year right. Don’t cheat. What you learn today is what you’re going to bring to your future career. Have fun in college!” —Anna Melissa Somera, 19,

“College is very different. You are not spoonfed by professors; some information is given and the rest is up to you. My advice: Do advanced reading, go to the library more frequently, and always bring yellow pad and  ball pen just in case you need to write something from the things you have read. Study hard and pray harder.” —Zarko S. Garcia, 19, San Beda Manil

“College life is exciting! This is the time you will experience the word “freedom.” You have to resist the temptations because college life requires a lot of focus. And after four years of hard work, you’ll wear the black toga with pride. —Ruth Claire Paat, 19, San Beda Manila