Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Sued by 4th Accuser Charging Underage Sex

Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Sued by 4th Accuser Charging Underage Sex

Kevin Clash, the former puppeteer behind hugely popular “Sesame Street” character Elmo, has been sued by way of a fourth accuser who claims that Clash had sex with him as the accuser was underage.

The lawsuit, filed Monday by attorney Jeff Herman, claims that Clash met the plaintiff, defined as Someone in particular, in Miami in late 1995 or 1996, once the plaintiff was “age 16 or 17, ” and transported him to Ny to be able to have sexual intercourse with him.

Based on the complaint, after meeting and befriending the plaintiff, who was simply contemplating running abroad, Clash called him from Ny, supplying a plane ticket, cash and a free of charge spot to stay in order that Clash is actually a “dad” to him.

The suit says that the so-called victim took Clash through to his offer in early 1996, sticking to Clash for approximately four days, where both “had sexual contact on multiple occasions. ”

“According to your lawsuit, Kevin Clash knowingly paid to move a across state lines for the intended purpose of satisfying his sexual interests, ” Herman said in a statement.

Clash, 52, continued leave from Sesame Workshop in November after an accuser claimed that Clash had a sexual relationship with him when that he was 16. Clash admitted to presenting sex with the person but said that the partnership occurred once the accuser having an adult.

The accuser quickly issued a statement recanting his story, saying that it had been “an adult consensual relationship. ”

Since that time, more accusers attended forward. Clash resigned from Sesame Workshop after a 2nd accuser filed suit against him, saying that the allegations had turn into a “distraction. ”