Congrats On Your Uni Degree! This Guy Has 29!

A 71 year-old man has just knocked out his 29th college degree. He’s got one bachelor’s degree, two associates degrees, 22 masters degrees, three specialists degrees, and one doctoral degree.

“I just stayed in school and took menial jobs to pay for the education and just made a point of getting more degrees and eventually I retired so that I could go full-time to school,”

“It’s stimulation to go to the class, look at the material that’s required and meet the teacher and students. It makes life interesting for me,” he said.

Most of the degrees are related to education such as educational leadership, library science and school psychology, but other degrees include home economics, health education and law enforcement.

Nicholson is currently working on a master’s degree in criminal justice. “I would like to get to 33 or 34. I’m almost there”