Brad Pitt Is Back On Set For More World War Z Reshoots

Brad Pitt Is Back On Set For More World War Z Reshoots

You might have thought because World War Z finally released a trailer, the film about zombie apocalypse.

It has been plagued by repeated delays, onset disputes, reshoots and need of a new screenwriter to craft a totally new third act– was finally coming together. Well, don’t hold your breath.

Just yesterday Just Jared posted pictures from London, England of Pitt back in character for reshoots on World War Z.

You might think this is part of the worrisome seven weeks of reshoots we reported on in June, but those were expected to be shot in Budapest. Meaning, these could well be a second series of reshoots.

While Max Brooks novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is constructed by first-person anecdotes of people living through a horrific plague that’s turned humans into flesh-craving, carnage-inducing monsters.

Pitt’s movie version, directed by Marc Forster, centers on a United Nations employee (Pitt), who travels the globe attempting to make sense of this gruesome pandemic as the world falls apart around him.

Of course, considering how the production of the film has dragged on and tensions have reportedly mounted, it’s easy to speculate that the exhaustion and even irritation that seems plain on Pitt’s face may have more to do with the shoot than his present scene.