Boxer Tyson really wants to just take stage show global

Boxer Tyson wants to take stage show worldwide

Boxing legend Mike Tyson said Monday that he really wants to just take his one-man stage show on the highway internationally, to countries including Saudi Arabia and India, if they’ll let him in.

Announcing a US tour of his “Undisputed Truth” show — which opened in Nevada in April and used in Broadway — the 46-year-old said being on stage gave him a “high” like drugs did throughout his notorious hell-raising days.

Tyson, a convicted rapist who was simply recently denied a fresh Zealand visa, said a vacation to Australia last month had given him confidence in his abilities for connecting with audiences in america and beyond.

“The Australian press they thought I was the abominable snowman until they surely got to know me. They thought I was scary… They thought I was gonna provide them with a knuckle sandwich like back the days of the past, ” that he told reporters.