Ariel Winter’s mom sues actor for defamation

Ariel Winter's mom sues actor for defamation

Mom of Modern Family actress Ariel Winter sued a co-employee of her adult daughter for defamation Monday, claiming that he falsely labeled her an “abusive monster” in an online comment about a continuing custody struggle for the teenage star.

Chrisoula Workman filed the defamation and false light lawsuit against Matthew Borlenghi, claiming his comment mounted on a Nov. 9 LA Times online story was false and has harmed her reputation.

Borlenghi can be an actor who teaches at a studio operated by Shanelle Gray, Winter’s adult sister who currently has custody of the 14-year-old actress. A judge temporarily stripped Workman of custody amid allegations she have been physically and emotionally abusive to the star.

An effort on whether Workman will completely lose custody is scheduled to begin with Wednesday.

Borlenghi said he previously maybe not yet seen the lawsuit and declined to state whether that he posted a comment concerning the story on the changing times web site. The story devoted to Workman’s allegations that Cold weather was having an improper relationship having an 18-year-old actor.

“This is really a total falsehood, ” the comment related to Borlenghi states. “The mother is grasping and clawing to discover a way never to lose her money-maker, and hide the truth that she actually is an abusive monster. ”

The comment cites personal interactions with Workman for forming the opinions in the post.

“All I could say is that David (Gray) and Shanelle Gray have become good friends of mine and comments that Chris has made are definitely fabricated, ” Borlenghi said when contacted concerning the case. “The negative comments she’s made about her very own daughter to be able to make an effort to get custody right back of Ariel are certainly disgusting. ”

Workman’s lawsuit includes a few pages of sworn declarations from tutors along with other friends and associates denying she’s been abusive to her daughter. The declarations have already been filed in the guardianship case and could be looked at by way of a judge who must determine whether to permit Gray to keep looking after her sister.