Amy Winehouse’s ex accused of raping sleeping woman

Reg Traviss court case

Reg Traviss, 35, assaulted the girl twice following a drunken particular date and insisted on keeping her underwear, Southwark Crown Court heard.

“I always wished to do that for you, ” that he allegedly said following the attack, Sunlight newspaper reports.

Traviss dated Winehouse during her death in July this past year.

Through the so-called rape, in the first hours of December 31 this past year, the girl claimed she woke around find Traviss sex with her.

That he stopped when she asked him what that he was doing, but claims she then passed out again.

When she woke up again, she found Traviss assaulting her another time.

The so-called victim then got around dress herself and leave.

Prosecutor Katherine Lumsdon said: “She asked him where her knickers were and that he said, ‘I really need to keep them, ’ and she didn’t press the problem as she wished to go back home. ”

Ms Lumsdon said the girl informed her: “It felt as being a bad dream. ” The prosecutor said the girl met Traviss, a film director, and yet another friend, at 10pm and visited three bars, drinking cocktails, rum and cokes and shots.

The so-called victim realised she was very drunk and asked Traviss to place her in a taxi so she could go back home.

But that he wanted to just take her back again to his apartment, that was closer.

The girl said she didn’t remember her reply but assumed she said yes. She also said she remembers thinking the taxi was unlikely to just take her as she was too drunk to stand.

The next matter the so-called victim remembers is getting up in Traviss’s bed.

The girl wouldn’t normally have consented to sex even though she have been conscious, the prosecutor said.

Traviss was arrested in April.

That he denies two counts of rape and claims the sex was consensual.

The trial continues.