Adam Sandler Takes His Next Comedy Away From Sony

Adam Sandler Takes His Next Comedy Away From Sony

The report goes into detail on moves Sony is making to partner with other studios on bigger-budget films, most notably George Clooney’s WWII drama Monuments Men.

It’s unclear why Sandler isn’t requesting Sony seek a partner for this comedy.

The comedian has had a very profitable relationship with the studio over the years.

And while That’s My Boy might have been his first high-profile financial misstep in years (heck, even Jack and Jill made an inexplicable $74M), the Sandler brand is strong.

His name helped power Hotel Transylvania past the $100M mark. He earned the right to get creative with a deal at Sony.

Then again, we don’t know what happened behind the scenes on these negotiations, and Sandler has had a relationship with Paramount in the past, as well. The idea of Sandler trying a Western scares me.

But providing Paramount puts up the dollars, we might see Sandler’s spin on Blazing Saddles in the coming years.