Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel

Tips for Surviving Holiday Travel

We’re officially in the “holiday travel” phase of the year, and if you’re like many Americans, you’re probably DREADING it.

Well, we’ve got your back.

TripAdvisor just released the results of a survey about what we hate most about holiday travel.  Here are the responses, along with some tips to make it easier on you.

51% of people are expecting to be stressed out by holiday travel.   Airline delays and cancellations are the biggest source of stress: 22% of people say that’s the least enjoyable part of holiday travel.

21% say it’s inclement weather.  15% are most annoyed by the price of transportation.  11% hate the overcrowded airports, and 8% are bugged by all the bad traffic.


So how do you avoid the headaches?  Travelers’ top five strategies for limiting stress during holiday travel are:

1.  Travel at off-peak hours to avoid the crowds and get a better fare.

2.  Pay for a hotel rather than staying with family or friends.

3.  Travel a shorter distance than usual.

And my personal favorites…

4.  Consume alcohol on a flight.

5.  Take a sleeping pill on a flight.


And here are travelers’ top five money-saving tactics for avoiding checked bag fees during holiday travel:

1.  Bring only carry-on bags.

2.  Fly with an airline that does not charge for checked bags.

3.  Have online gifts shipped directly to your holiday destination.

4.  Mail gifts to your holiday destination.

5.  Do laundry at your destination to avoid checking bags.


Finally, here are the top five holiday travel mishaps, and how to overcome them.

1.  Stash emergency supplies in the trunk:  29% of travelers have experienced considerable traffic jams during their December holiday travels.

2.  Monitor airport developments:  23% have had a holiday flight cancellation.

3.  Label all luggage, both inside and out:  14% have had their luggage lost over the holidays.

4.  Allow for extra time:  8% have missed a flight over the holidays.

5.  Avoid a last-minute packing frenzy:  8% have forgotten to pack gifts in their luggage.